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My most recently held music education positions were as the Assistant Head of Music and Head of Jazz Studies at Leeds College of Music in the UK where I worked until 2010. I also coordinated the Guitar & Bass department at the College for several years and was a Principal Lecturer in Jazz and Popular Music Studies. 

My performance/recording career has ranged from work with Scottish Blues legends ‘Blues ‘N’ Trouble in the 1980’s, through to recent session work for singer/songwriter Saffron Byass on her debut album in 2011. I have also toured with a wide variety of popular music and jazz artists both within the UK and in Europe.

I am a former student of the late US jazz educator Charlie Banacos and I have also studied with a variety of other well known musicians both in the UK and abroad. My musical influences are drawn primarily from jazz and rock/blues music and I now work freelance as a professional performer, session musician and music educator/guitar tutor. 

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I am a UK based professional guitarist and music educator and I have been active as a performing musician/clinician and teacher since the early 1980‘s.

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