Mike Zatezalo

Mike Z. has 8 years of training as a classical pianist, and has been a guitarist for over 22 years.  Based in Chicago, Mike spent 7 years with the rock act, Opal Candy, as a guitarist and songwriter and currently performs on stage and in the studio with the Sam Cockrell Band, Jaw Potato, and various other projects.  Mike has composed and recorded various styles of original music for commercial use, most recently for Thunderbird Entertainment's "Toughest Monster Truck Tour" radio and television promotional campaign across the U.S. 

About me: 

My specialties lean towards rock, blues/R&B/soul and metal with maybe a little jazz and country thrown in for flavor.  I favor a combination of theory knowledge with ear training and prefer to use songs that students enjoy as a vehicle for teaching different playing techniques and theory items.   I have a laid back style, but, as one of my teachers (the incomparable Dave Uhrich) always told me, "There is no substitute for repetition and practice".  I wholeheartedly agree with that for anyone looking to push their playing to the next level...whatever that level might be.