Don Parkhurst jr

Don studied at the Hartford Conservatory of Music in Hartford, Connecticut where he studied advanced subjects like jazz theory and ear- training along with other areas that are extremely important in becoming a complete musician. 

By far the bulk of Don's education came from the many talented teachers he has studied with over the years. One such teacher was Alex Skolnick (Testament, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Alex Skolnick Trio). Alex took what Don already knew and proceeded to fill in all the gaps that were present in his knowledge of the instrument. These lessons prepared him for his eventual studies at the Conservatory.

Don was also on the teaching staff of Corner music school, was a columnist for Troy Stetina's Digital Guitar Magazine and currently writes a guitar column for Lebanon Life.

He owns his own private in - studio teaching business and has just opened Electric Crown Guitar Academy which is an online music school. Currently he offers private lessons and a couple open sessions but he is hard at work on the curriculum for more classes that will focus on theory as it applies to rhythm guitar and lead guitar.  

Don's main passion in life is helping students achieve their goals and he will do whatever it takes to make sure they reach these goals no matter how simple or how lofty these goals are.

He has been playing the guitar for 30 plus yrs. and with alot of dedication and hard work Don has been able to turn it into a career. "Teaching guitar and sharing my passion for music with others brings me a great deal of pleasure."

About me: 

I'm a Conservatory trained musician and guitar instructor who specializes in the Hard Rock / Metal genres.  Although my lessons will focus on these genre's all the concepts can be applied to and benefit players of all styles. I'm very passionate about making sure my students understand how all the musical puzzle pieces within the songs they are learning fit together along with how these pieces can help them create compostions of their own. Together we can help you achieve your musical goals whatever they may be. I look forward to working with you!