Just starting to pick up the instrument

Classical Right Hand pt 2 - Finger Strength

In this lesson, I’m including a few more exercises to further develop your finger independence and agility.

Classical Right Hand pt 1

Right hand technique is very important to achieve mastery of classical guitar.

How To Play Classical Guitar And Put Your Skills To The Test With This Etude

It’s time to really put your tremolo to the test with this etude!

How To Play The Guitar If You Have Big Hands, Small Hands, Long Fingers Or Short Fingers?

“My fingers are fat so I’ll never be able to do this” or “I wish my hands were smaller so I could play faster”.

Let me say this – It doesn’t matter what size or hands are or if your fingers look like sausage links.

How To Do A Pull Off

Learn technigues of how to sound less mechanical when transitioning to a lower note on guitar.

4 Ways To Hold Barre Chords

In this lesson, I’m going to teach you FOUR rules to follow so you can make your barre chords sound better IMMEDIATELY.

What is a Barre Chord?

Barre chords are very important to the guitarist.

They allow the player to play virtually any chord anywhere on the fingerboard by learning only a few shapes.

This lesson will get you started with a few shapes, so take a look.

Musical Beat & Tempo

All music has a pulse.

We usually call it the beat, and it is what keeps a piece of music moving along and allows musicians to play together.

20 Chords Every Guitarist Should Know

Open Chords are played within the first few frets on the guitar and include notes on strings that are not fretted and thus considered to be “open” strings. They are the first chords most guitarists learn.

Open chords are sometimes referred to as Cowboy Chords but don’t be fooled, they have a fuller and more robust sound then barre chords that reacts well to the over-driven guitars of rock.


Fundamentals/Lesson five (The Major Scale)

In this lesson we will be going over the major scale sequence. This is a specific sequence of whole and half steps which form the major scale. This is the mother of all scales! Everything you will learn in music will be built from this scale. For this reason I think this would be a pretty important thing to learn. So let’s get started!