How to Adapt Drop 2 Chords

This video and tablature lessons shows how to take several inversions of the G Minor 7 chord and easily make new chord types simply by moving one note in each fingering.


Video Lesson: 4 Ways to Play G to C

The G major to C major progression is one the most popular in all of music. It has the strong feeling of resolution you get when a chord built off of the 5th degree of the scale (dominant function) moves to a chord built off of the Root note of the scale (tonic function).

Jazz Standards Practice Technique - Connecting Arpeggios

In today’s lesson we’ll be checking out a cool practice technique you can use to practice connecting arpeggios smoothly.



Jazz Guitar Chord Progressions 2 - ii V I Drop 2 Chords on the Middle 4 Strings

When learning how to play jazz guitar, many of us start by learning chord shapes in different inversions across the neck, often in all 12 keys.

While this is a great way to get important shapes under our fingers, such as Drop 2 and Drop 3 voicings, we are often left asking ourselves, "Now that I can play all these chords, how do I use them in a practical situation?"

Jazz Guitar Chord Progressions 1 - Drop 2 ii V I 1

One of the most commonly used chord progressions in jazz, the ii V I VI group of chords is one that every jazz guitarist needs to master in order to be able to convincingly and correctly comp over their favorite tunes.

4 Ways To Hold Barre Chords

In this lesson, I’m going to teach you FOUR rules to follow so you can make your barre chords sound better IMMEDIATELY.

What is a Barre Chord?

Barre chords are very important to the guitarist.

They allow the player to play virtually any chord anywhere on the fingerboard by learning only a few shapes.

This lesson will get you started with a few shapes, so take a look.

Drop 2 Chords

Drop 2 chord voicings are created by moving (dropping) the chord's second highest note down to its lowest note.

20 Chords Every Guitarist Should Know

Open Chords are played within the first few frets on the guitar and include notes on strings that are not fretted and thus considered to be “open” strings. They are the first chords most guitarists learn.

Open chords are sometimes referred to as Cowboy Chords but don’t be fooled, they have a fuller and more robust sound then barre chords that reacts well to the over-driven guitars of rock.


Lesson 5 - C How to play clearly

How to play chords clearly is one of the biggest challenges that we face on the instrument. This becomes even more important as we start to play series of chords, chord scales, and chord progressions. So we will tackle this problem head on and deal with what is required to make each chord sound clear from the beginning and develop the habits that make for a clear sound.  This helps us feel better about what we play and the sense of accomplishment that comes along with that, as well as spur us on to even bigger and better challenges.