Barre Chords

4 Ways To Hold Barre Chords

In this lesson, I’m going to teach you FOUR rules to follow so you can make your barre chords sound better IMMEDIATELY.

What is a Barre Chord?

Barre chords are very important to the guitarist.

They allow the player to play virtually any chord anywhere on the fingerboard by learning only a few shapes.

This lesson will get you started with a few shapes, so take a look.

Video of Bruce Noble CAGED A position 2nd fret and Harmonised Scale

Bruce shows warm up and moves into A barre on 2nd fret while playing scale in that position without moving out of zone. The chords in the key follow in the   following   pattern.

How to Play Barre Chords

In this 5 minute video, Steve simplifies and teaches you the basics of Barre Chords, and demonstrates an exercise that will help you build finger strength, develop muscle memory and learn them faster.

Barre Chords

The beauty of Barre Chords is that they use a Movable Chord Form. Once you learn them, you can play chords anywhere on the neck.