Finger Exercises for Guitar

Learn to play guitar faster and more accurately with these free lessons

Whether you need to warm up for a gig, work on your speed and accuracy, or just want to work on your flexibility, the exercises below can help you reach your goals.

finger exercises for guitar help you play guitar more accurately

Check out Neil Santos’ Permutations series. As Neil says ‘Guitar permutations are simply exercises designed to build dexterity and cooperation between the hands. I’ve often thought of them as tongue twisters for the fingers.’ – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Or, check out Mike Zatezalo’s Sweep Arpeggio Exercise – ‘Sweep picking is a technique employed by guitarists of all types of genres that facilitates speedier playing moving from string to string. It's particularly handy for use in playing arpeggiated lead lines. It's called sweep picking because you typically move the pick across the strings in one continual direction as you move up and down, in a "sweeping" motion. Meanwhile, you can use both your fretting and picking hand to try and keep the other strings from ringing out as you play each note. This ensures that the arpeggio sounds like a sequence of single discrete notes, rather than ringing chord tones.’

Check out these and other lessons below.