Welcome to Texas Blues Guitar - the best course available for the study and application of the techniques of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Start with Lesson 1 - TBG Intro, Tuning, Bend Basics below, and then follow along with each additional lesson. If you have questions, please drop me a message or post a comment.

With this package you get the e-book as well as instant access to the 58 supporting lessons and videos.


Welcome to '77 Picking Exercises for Modern Guitar', these are the exercises that really work. They will address the problems you are having right now, and are probably the reason you’re reading this series. If an exercise doesn't look like it will challenge you or teach you something, please skip it. There is never any reason to practice something you can already do.


The overall structure of the G-L site is being revamped to the level of a complete social enterprise platform. While the functionality and features will be more powerful, the interface will be simplified and easier to use. 

This private group will be the allow us to share progress, discuss and get feedback from participants.