My guitar articles for the Chicago Examiner....

Hi all,

For anyone who is interested, I have a periodic column that I write for the Chicago Examiner related to all things guitar.   I try to keep the relevance local to a certain extent, but I think that most of the pieces are universal and of interest to folks outside the immediate Chicagoland area.  For example, my most recent article talks about the 2 days I spent as a guitar tech for the opening act on the current Creed tour:


To check out any current and past articles, feel free to go here:


My output is often I don't publish at regular intervals, but I'll try to post here when I have something new available so you don't have to constantly check, hoping for new content (I'm sure everyone will be hanging by a thread just waiting...:) )




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Love the Roadie Rules article!

Sounds like quite an adventure, thanks for sharing!