The Art of Practice and Progession

In the last blog  I spoke a bit about chops, abilities you develop to play, or write, whatever you undertake really. The key is scheduling and timed intervals.

So here is just a short plan for some keeners out there not a heavy work load by any stretch of the imagination.

Take a 30 min daily routine, if you were practicing 3 things like:     scales-10 min.  Chords-10min. and Song-10 there is a good regime the key is timing. We at the Musicians Institue in Hollywood would do this but on a bit different scale, pardon the pun.

Use a timer at the end of 10 min. move on to the next thing no matter if you are really starting to get this chord pattern down you come back after the 30 min. is up.  the key is to cover the important stuff after that noodle, jam,write a hit song anything you wish to do.


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Good advice only hope I can

Good advice only hope I can stick to it.


Thanks Robert,
Modify the number of minutes on each technique if need be and move on...don't feel guilty about it make up the the time on the next day.