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Lesson 3 - Chords from Scales

Learning how to form chords from the scales is an essential part of knowing how things work on the guitar. Let's face it, scales are an all important part of how music is contructed, and understanding how to make chords and why they are built the way they are gives us an edge in playing ANY song that we would like to play. In this lesson we learn the principle behing chord contruction and how to get the elements that are needed to do this. This is the first 1st of a section of the 3 major chord groups that we will tackle, that is Major, Minor, and Dominant chords. From there we will learn the many variations of these. Here we have the Major chord group. This gives us the basis to learn and understand the other groups and apply them to really any song that we'd like to play, and yep we dive right in and get to it. The difficulty that you will encounter in this is purely a matter of practice and getting your fingers to obey your commands and submit to the knowlege that you will have and apply in many many songs. Beleive me, it is well worth the effort!!

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E String Left Out

I have a small doubt. A lot of resources show the C Major chord as being played on five strings, whereas you have restricted the chord to only four. Is there a specific reason for this?