Skill level

Fundamentals Lesson Seven (GAB on all Strings)

This lesson covers all of your natural notes on the neck and teaches you how to quickly find them with almost no hesitation. By breaking these notes into three smaller groups you will be able to move directly to any note within a...
Beginner, Intermediate

Fundamentals Six (Note Groups)

Let’s now begin to organize all our notes into more manageable groups. This will allow us to find specific notes much quicker. In this lesson we will begin with separating our notes into two groups. We’ll find these...
Keywords: learn notes of the guitar
Beginner, Intermediate

Fundamentals/Lesson five (The Major Scale)

In this lesson we will be going over the major scale sequence. This is a specific sequence of whole and half steps which form the major scale. This is the mother of all scales! Everything you will learn in music will be built...
Keywords: Major Scales
Novice, Beginner

Fundamentals/Lesson four (Enharmonics)

In this lesson we are going to talk about enharmonics! An enharmonic is one note that has two different names. What the heck am I talking about you may be asking? Don't worry I'll explain this all for you! Up until now now we...
Keywords: enharmonics, flats, sharps
Novice, Beginner, Intermediate

Fundamentals/Lesson three (Notes on the E string)

Now it's time to dig in and really get to work! In this lesson we are going to learn the natural notes on the low E string. If you are familiar with power chords then take the notes you are learning within each lesson and...
Keywords: Notes on E string, whole and half steps
Novice, Beginner

Fundamentals/Lesson two ( Names of open strings)

Let's now move onto learning the musical alphabet and the names of the open strings. This is the first step into the journey of complete mastery of the fretboard. We need to have the ability to quickly find any note on the neck...
Keywords: guitar basics, open string names
Novice, Beginner

Fundamentals/Lesson one (Parts of the guitar)

Welcome to Fundamentals! This series of lessons is meant to suppliment whatever else you are studying. As you work on your main focus of study take one of the lessons and dedicate about 5-10 minutes working through the lesson....
Keywords: guitar basics, Parts of Guitar
Novice, Beginner