Skill level

Lesson 8 - Yesterday, part 1

Here is where we put it all together and apply the chord scales that we have learned to a popular Beatles song called "Yesterday". And you will see even in this first part of this song, that it simply takes the...
Keywords: Beatles, Yesterday

Lesson 7 - The Chord Family of Dominant 7th Chords

Here we take on the "Dominant 7th" chord family and the fingering patterns that are characteristic of this group of chords. As in the other 2 groups that we've already looked at, that is to say the Major, and Minor...
Keywords: Dominant 7th chords

Lesson 6 - The Minor Chord family

Here is where we learn the 2nd group of chords, called Minor. The Minor family of chords is one that appears in so many songs that it simply cannot be  counted. So we need to have a good handle on this important group of...
Keywords: Minor Chords

Lesson 5 - C How to play clearly

How to play chords clearly is one of the biggest challenges that we face on the instrument. This becomes even more important as we start to play series of chords, chord scales, and chord progressions. So we will tackle this...
Keywords: Chords

Lesson 4 - Developing Patterns for Chords

Here is where we delve much deeper into how to form chords from the C scale that we've learned. We learn 8 varieties of the C chord and place them into a numerical pattern that helps us to pick and choose the variation of the...
Keywords: Major Chords

Lesson 3 - Chords from Scales

Learning how to form chords from the scales is an essential part of knowing how things work on the guitar. Let's face it, scales are an all important part of how music is contructed, and understanding how to make chords and...
Keywords: Major Scales

Lesson 2 - First Position Fingering

This is where we learn some of the building blocks that give us a solid basis for learning this incredible instrument. The fingering that we learn in what we call 1st position are all "natural" notes, meaning that...
Keywords: first position fingering

Basic Stuff you Really Need to Know

As the name here suggests, this is where we kick it all off and get started on the guitar. This is a lesson for the complete novice who would like to get going on the intrument and get a handle on how to do things and have a...
Novice, Beginner