Skill level

Little Wing

Keywords: Blues, Stevie Ray Vaughn
Intermediate, Advanced

The A minor pentatonic and some licks over Chords

Bruce takes the simple pentatonic pattern extending it as in diagram 6 for greater range also showing a few simple licks over a simple I  IV  V  Chord pattern.
Keywords: licks, Pentatonic

Video of Bruce Noble teaching Pentatonic pattern in 5th position.

This video shows cleary the A minor pattern and also the C Major relative Key. It is very important to get this shape under your fingers as much as possible for Rock Bluesand all styles of music.
Keywords: Pentatonic

Video of Bruce Noble CAGED A position 2nd fret and Harmonised Scale

Bruce shows warm up and moves into A barre on 2nd fret while playing scale in that position without moving out of zone. The chords in the key follow in the   following   pattern.        ...
Keywords: Barre Chords

Video of Beginning the chords in a scale in C lesson 2 numbering system

C Major Scale in chords or The Harmonised Scale and progression.         /:    I  /   I     /  Vi   /   Vi      /   IV   /  ...
Keywords: C Major Scale, Harmonized Scale