Skill level

Diminished Arpeggio Exercise

This is an exercise that I often use as a warmup, but also serves as a nice way to practice diminished arpeggio shapes and chromatic runs together.
Keywords: arpeggios, Diminished, exercise

Sweep Arpeggio Exercise

Here is an exercise that focuses on two main concepts:  Arpeggios and Sweep Picking. An arpeggio can basically be thought of as a chord with it's respective notes played separately as opposed to all at once.   So,...
Keywords: arpeggios, exercises, Picking, sweep picking

String-Skipping Exercise

This is a short exercise that can be used as a "musical" way to work on string-skipping picking technique.   It's a classically-inspired lick that might remind some of something Steve Morse might play.
Keywords: exercises, triads