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Lesson 8 - Yesterday, part 1

Here is where we put it all together and apply the chord scales that we have learned to a popular Beatles song called "Yesterday". And you will see even in this first part of this song, that it simply takes the information that we have already learned and just slides those same chords to other destinations on the guitar neck to play the key that we want, it really is that simple. You will be able to easily recognize the various chords that we have learned and practiced over the last few lessons and we apply them by number to the chord and melody note that we need. We will be able to apply this to many other songs and will have the intense satisfaction of playing songs that are easily recognized by anyone hearing them. 

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More lessons, please!

That was a fantastic lesson that put the chord shapes into action at last. I'm eager to learn the rest of the song using these techniques. Please keep making these great tutorials!