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Lesson 7 - The Chord Family of Dominant 7th Chords

Here we take on the "Dominant 7th" chord family and the fingering patterns that are characteristic of this group of chords. As in the other 2 groups that we've already looked at, that is to say the Major, and Minor groups, we will examine this one also in the context of a chord-scale consisting of 8 chords. Dominant chords are almost always in songs that you've heard over the years and personally I can think only rarely of songs that don't involve this group of chords. So let's examine it and get a firm understanding of it's function in songs and how to start to use it. 

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Lovely Chords

I'm in love with these chords. They sound so magical to the ears. Especially with the chord progression! I can't wait to try this out myself. :D