How to Play Barre Chords

In this 5 minute video, Steve simplifies and teaches you the basics of Barre Chords, and demonstrates an exercise that will help you build finger strength, develop muscle memory and learn them faster.

Ahhh, Barre Chords! They're so hard to do... and my fingers hurt when I try to do them.... and why do I need them anyway, when I can play regular chords? I don't have time to learn *another* way to play the same old chords!   In a word, *WRONG!*    Steve will show you how easy Barre Chords are and how to build your finger stength for them. If you know the shapes for the common E and A chords, you already know the chord shapes so, just add your "barre"  and you're all set. You'll be amazed at how much more you can do on guitar with Barre Chords!