How to Maintain Your Guitar - Part 3

Performer and Guitar Teacher Steve Falter speaks with Luthier Peter Taylor of Chellee Guitars about common maintenance and repair issues for guitars.

Part 1 – Intro, Set up, Frets
Part 2 – Strings, Cleaning, Electronics, Routine Maintenance Tips, Tuning Issues, Shipping Your Guitar
Part 3 – Typical Repairs, Modifications, Recovering a Stolen Guitar

Peter can reached through his web site at Chellee Guitars

So your favorite guitar takes a fall and the headstock snaps off! You buy a nice guitar but you want a different tone from it. Your guitar gets stolen and you're wondering, "Will I ever get it back?".



I'm so glad I watched this video. I'm so used to giving my guitar for repair and simply collecting it later that I never really gave a thought about what happens in between. These luthiers are craftsmen and artists in the truest sense of the terms.