Why I created Guitar-Learning.com (G-L)

I find it extremely gratifying to help someone achieve something new and unusual. I had this experience recently with Erik Davies, a Charango/Ronroco player living in Thailand. Erik is very passionate about the instrument, and we discussed how his involvement with G-L could extend his reach to other enthusiasts. It has been thrilling for me to see his involvement, because in many ways Erik’s endeavor really encapsulates what I am trying to do. Our site provided a way for someone far from home and playing a fairly uncommon instrument to share his passion with the world. It is fulfilling to create a place where this kind of passion can be shared.

Erik hopes his new page - Exploring Charango Music - will attract a community of players for sharing and discussing this instrument. 

I think that many guitar teachers share this experience – the gratification they feel when something clicks for a student or they help someone meet a challenge. At G-L, my aim is to provide teachers with some of the same inspiration and practical support that they provide their students. I want to enable teachers to reach a larger audience… or extend their energies by using content efficiently...  or give them a platform where they can communicate their expertise or specialty to a whole new audience. 

I know that this is a business, and I have to watch metrics, pitch my business and, you know, make a profit. But like most everyone involved with music, I don’t feel that it’s really about money. It’s about passion. I started this site in 1999, and it has been an outlet for me to learn, share and try new things ever since.

If you have been here before, thanks for your support and I hope you like how we are growing. If you are new, please take a minute to look around. I hope you find our lessons informative and our teachers inspired. If you want to keep up with our evolution, please sign up for our newsletters like our facebook page.


Derek Stottlemyer