The Sufi Fusion – Another Dimension to Fusion

Sufi fusion musician - Rabbi Shergill
Rabbi Shergill

Sufi music is the devotional music of the Sufis who are inspired by the works of Sufi poets. "Qawwali" is the most well known form of Sufi music and is mostly common in the urban parts of India. However it has entered into the mainstream music industry in the recent past. Shadow and light are the two forces behind the creation of such music. Sufism is the practice where wandering saints and dervishes sought to attain the ultimate spiritual realization through their poetry, music, and dance. Modern Sufi music is based on these theories and concepts. Especially, fusing Sufi music with other genres has taken the sound to a different level. And believe me guitar plays a major role in the creations.

One of the pioneers of modern day Sufi Music is "Nusrat Fateh Ali khan." His songs have apt musical background and have set the tempo for the new age audience only to retain the immaculate heart wrenching impact, the true mark of Sufi Music. Sufi Music has travelled through the deserts of Africa to the shores of Atlantic Ocean and has reached India crossing the mountains of Iran and Pakistan. The modern day Sufi music is a result of its revival in a brand new form.

Sufi Rock

A new genre was created by fusing Sufi music with Rock music, “Sufi Rock.” Sufi rock combines rock with classical Sufi music traditions. It emerged in the early 1990s and is, now, a widely popular form of music. For instance, an artist, known as "Rabbi Shergill," fuses poetry with rock music to create an emotionally churning effect. Music and sound is the soul of Sufi Music. The act of singing, chanting, listening, and whirling to the recitation of poetry and music is common to Sufi orders.

Sufi Rock musicians
Fusing poetry with rock music

A number of Sufi Rock artists from Pakistan and India have achieved commercial success and mainstream recognition. Some of the big names are Junoon, Strings, Fuzon, and Laal. These Sufi Rock bands have touched millions of hearts through their innovative fusion.

The Heavier side of Sufi Fusion

The revival of Sufism had both anger and unrest which came out in the form of classical western rock culture fused with the suave and serine verses of Sufi poetry. It gave birth to a powerful form of music which can move the very core of the heart. Hard punk metal band, guitar, and bass drum in the background topped with Sufi Relics have become the religious hymn of the generation-next.

Sufi music has a certain amount of influence on our band members. It has changed our way of thinking and approach to music. We have an original composition, where we have fused Sufi music with gothic metal, with mysterious guitar lines. Sounds great, we love it!

Sufi fusion group - Fuzon
Sufi Rock band - Fuzon