A Mélange between Indian Classical and Western Music

India folk instrument - Satvik Veena
Satvik Veena

Music in India is vast and comprises multiple varieties of folk music, pop, and Indian classical music. The recent past has witnessed a lot of fusion music being churned out by fusing various genres of Indian music with various genres of Western music. And... I am lucky to be part of fusion music. Other than concentrating of fusing folk music with western genres, we are also focused into the creation of fusion musical pieces which blend Indian Classical music with Western genres.

Fusion Artist Salil Bhatt
Salil Bhatt with a Satvik Veena

Fusion music is now the flavor of the season and the latest trend in the music scenario of India. Today as technology breaks barriers, we notice a number of collaborations happening in the field of music, which in-turn, gives fusion music a new voice. For instance, Satik Veena (Indian instrument) player Salil Bhatt jumped into the limelight when he created fusion music with Canadian Blues legend Doug Cox. The compositions created sensation and included genres such as Indian classical, Indian folk, Blues Funk, Reggae, Jazz, American Country folk, Roots, contemporary world music, and neo classical Indian music with vocals. And it was sure magic.

The stuff we create

Getting back to my personal experience in this field, I would like to say “I am just so crazy about this fusion thing.” I am lucky to have band members with similar musical likes and tastes, which enhances our musicality as well as the quality of our original compositions. We have compositions that blend Blues, Rock with Indian Classical. We have gone as far as blending Indian Classical with Metal as well. Metal riffs on guitar merged with Indian Classical scales also played on guitar has so far been one of our most difficult compositions since these two genres are diametrically opposite. Another of our composition is a concoction between Blues and Indian Classical. There is a certain Indian Classical scale that is similar to that of a particular Blues Scale, so we have mixed it and are actually very happy with the composition.

We love experimenting. We have mixed Indian Classical with Western Classical scales and have created weird scales that have a different and unique sound. We play solos based on these self created scales, interesting, but quite difficult. But, once we have created something out of this mixture, we are satisfied, and, believe me, it sound magical and out of this world. We have an original composition known as “The Classically Psychedelic,” where we have fused Indian Classical, Folk, as well as Psychedelic music to create a whole new sound. I love it and I am sure you all are going to love it as well.

Fusion is growing in popularity in India
New Sounds are created all the time with the fusing of musical genres

If you want to be a part of fusion and learn more about fusing Indian Classical scales with western scales and genres, you just need to stay tuned, as there is more to come right here on this website.