Guitar Lesson Tips – Two Forms to Help You Learn

Here are two forms I use to help my students practice, learn and improve.

The first form is a Lesson Plan form that I created. It’s just a simple table with four rows and four columns as follows

Rows (top to bottom) – Goals, Worked On, Homework, Notes
Columns (L-R) – Songs, Technique, Chords, Theory

Here’s how I use it.

I fill it in, throughout the lesson, go over it with the student at the end of the lesson and give it to them to take home. They bring it back the next week and we start the lesson by going over the items on the form and then use that to pace the current lesson. This starts my comments for today’s lesson and helps me adjust my teaching methods and approach to be more effective for each student.

Next is the First Song form I created to present songs to students at the beginner level. I let my students tell me what songs, or genres, they want to learn. Then I put the first Verse and Chorus in this simple format along with the Chord Diagrams. Since the reason most people take lessons is to learn how to play the music they like, this is an easy way to keep them motivated.

You are more than welcome to copy, share and modify these forms. I just ask that you credit me as the original author and include the following link to my Blog

I invite your comments and suggestions since I am always open to improve my methods. After all, it is about helping my students fall in love with the music!

What would you like to learn about?

Ask your questions and I’ll answer them right here for you!

Taking you back to a simpler time… with music,