About '77 Picking Exercises for Modern Guitar'

Joseph at Fundamental Changes has 6 books in Amazon's top 15 for Guitar Music - here is your chance to get an electronic copy of his '77 Picking Exercises for Modern Guitar', along with 15 lessons and videos for only $14.98.


This is an excellent series of exercises designed to give you the fastest results:

I have been teaching guitar as my full time job for over 15 years, and I’ve been lucky enough to study under some of the best guitarists in the country. During my career I have whittled down the list of exercises that I give to my students, to only the ones that give massive benefits, extremely quickly.

As you can probably tell, I’m not a massive ‘giver of exercises’, but I do see the same fundamental technical problems crop up time and time again. In fact, most of my students will have used most of the exercises in this book to solve most of their technical challenges on the guitar.

These are the exercises that really work. They will address the problems you are having right now, and are probably the reason you’re reading this book. If an exercise doesn’t look like it will challenge you or teach you something, please skip it. There is never any reason to practice something you can already do.

These lessons and e-book focus on the following areas:

  1. Lack of dexterity between the 2nd and 3rd finger
  2. Fourth finger strength
  3. Right and left hand picking form
  4. Economy picking
  5. String skipping
  6. How to speed up

All this and more are included in this in depth series. If you want to improve your technique, learn from the expert and check out this package today!

You can see the introduction at http://www.guitar-learning.com/guitar-lessons/77-picking-exercises-modern-guitar-introduction

When you are ready for the full bundle, you can get it for only $14.98 at http://www.guitar-learning.com/content/product-77-picking-exercises-modern-guitar


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He is awesome