Video Lesson: The Back & Forth Pentatonic

This is a simple pattern that lets you explore the 3 note per string pentatonic patterns horizontally on one string using hammer-ons and pull-offs. To me it sounds like something that Dimebag or Zakk would play if they were lucky enough to be as uncool as I am.

I've been practicing these 3 note per string pentatonic scalepatterns and I'm loving them.

They allow players to create unusual sounds and textures with these very usual scales.

The best part about the notes of the pentatonics is that they are easy to fit over many different chord progressions with out the risk of playing dissonant sounding notes.

I'd love to know what patterns you use? Let me know in the comments.



Where is the video

is it possible to access the video on the I-Pad... I could not????

No iPad at this time.

Unfortunately iPhones and iPads are not currently supported, though we are working on a product to support phones.