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Jazz Guitar Chord Licks #7 - ii V I in C Minor

In today’s  jazz guitar chord lick video lesson, we’ll be checking out a short but sweet  minor ii V I lick in the key of C.

Chord soloing, and single-note soloing for that matter, over minor keys can be tricky with all the different alterations that you have under your fingers for each chord in the minor ii V I progression.

By working out licks such as this one, you will be able to add vocabulary to your minor-key chord soloing ideas, while expanding your knowledge of chord substitution, chord superimposition and chord inversions all at the same time.

Things To Notice in This Jazz Guitar Chord Lick

Here are a few points that I bring out in the video lesson that you can take and apply to your practice and performance to allow you to create jazz guitar chord licks like this in your solos and comping.

* The use of the two different inversions of Dm7b5, Drop 2, in the first half of the first bar

* How Fm7b5 and Fm11b5 are used to produce the G7alt chord in the second half of the first bar

* The anticipated rhythm in the first bar where the Cm7 chord falls on the & of 4, a half-beat early from it's expected landing point

* How the Ebmaj7 chord is used to outline a Cm9 chord in the second bar of the lick

Jazz Guitar Chord Practice Tips

Once you have checked out the video lesson and tab/notation for today's jazz guitar chord lick, try working on different ways of practicing and applying this lick to your playing.

Here are a few ways that you can practice this or any chord lick to get you started.

* Practice the lick in the key of C Minor at various tempos

* Run the lick in all 12 keys at various tempos

* Improvise over a C Minor ii V I chord progression and use the lick as much as is tasteful in your solo

* Solo over different keys of the ii V I minor progression and bring the lick into play as much as is tasteful in each key

* Start to change the rhythm, notes, add notes in, take notes out, add slides etc. to make the lick your own and bring it from the page into the musical realm.


notation and Tablature for ii V I Chord Lick in C Minor

Check this jazz guitar chord lick out in the practice room and then bring it out to a jam or gig to see how it fits into a musical situation.

What do you think of this lick? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Edit - licks and Tab are on the following screens, not on a separate page.]