Kenny Salter

Author of Unlocking the Fingerboard published by Warner Bros in 1996. Made his online debut in 2004 with Turbo Tab....

Introduction to Texas Blues Guitar

Get a taste of what Kenny Salter offers in his massive 58 video series on Texas Blues Guitar with this introduction lessons. Here you will see three of the videos and the first of 40 licks that Kenny breaks down for you.

If you want more then be sure to check out the full Texas Blues Guitar series here!

This course, Texas Blues Guitar (TGB), is an in-depth study of Texas Blues style guitar, as inspired by some of Stevie Ray Vaughan's signature licks. TBG carefully dissects the signature licks that SRV used in his epic, Texas Flood.

In this 58 video series, Kenny Salter carefully illustrates and explains each and every lick in the song. Then he demonstrates their application in a way that allows you to quickly put them to use yourself.

TBG is not just a copycat course designed to mimic some sweet licks - this course will enable you to play a wide variety of Stevie Ray Vaughan inspired licks and to be able to immediately incorporate them into your own style of play.

This lesson provides a sample of what is contained in the full course - to get the full course, please visit the Texas Blues Guitar page

Learn Texas Flood note for note and how to improvise like Stevie Ray Vaughn


If you liked this introduction, but sure to sign up for the full course, available here. It contains hours of instruction in 58 videos, and you will learn

* Learn this all important skill that is almost never taught (because almost no one knows how to teach it.)
* Learn SRV's signature licks organized into easy to digest 2 bar phrases that work over any 12 bar blues.
* These short 2 bar phrases are the key to training your ear to recognize the 12 bar form.
* Learn Stevie Ray's most common motifs used to create his famous signature licks. Take what he did and make it your own.

So get access today, and take your blues to the next level!