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Fundamentals/Lesson one (Parts of the guitar)

Welcome to Fundamentals!

This series of lessons is meant to suppliment whatever else you are studying. As you work on your main focus of study take one of the lessons and dedicate about 5-10 minutes working through the lesson. Not bad huh?

In this first lesson we will cover the parts of the guitar and then move onto learning the names of the strings. So let's not waste any time. Lets jump right in! Here is the first video showing you the different parts of the guitar along with how these parts function.

In the next lesson we will learn our musical alphabet, why it's important to learn and how it will help us with naming the open strings. See you there!

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RE: Plug-ins and strap

Hi Alpha Romeo,


I can't just expand the video. I would need to re-shoot the video. I may do this in the future but I have alot of projects already in the works. The plug-in is simply an input for your guitar cable and is located usually towards the bottom of the guitar body on the edge somewhere. On the guitar I have in the picture it's on the top horn. Just look around on your guitar and you won't miss it.


As far as the place where you connect the strap it would be those metal buttons that come out of the end of your guitar and one of the horns near your neck. Some like the one in the video has one on the back of the body near the neck. Again you won't be able to miss these. They are sticking right out!

RE: Plug-ins and strap

Hi, Don.

Thanks for the explanation.



RE: Plug-ins and strap

Repost by mistake.

Plug-ins and Straps

Hi, Don.

Thanks for that great introduction to parts of the guitar.

Could you expand your video to show the plug-in point to insert the cable which connect the guitar to the amplifier?

Also, where can the strap be attached?