Finger Picking Patterns 4

Fingerstyle guitar is a technique where the strings are plucked using fingers, fingernails, or finger picks. Many different styles of music make use of fingerstyle including: classical, flamenco, and bossa nova.

Finger Picking refers to a specific fingerstyle used in folk, blues, country, ragtime, and rock, where the thumb is used to play an alternating bass line while the rest of the fingers pick the melody and fill in notes.

The advantages of fingerstyle playing are the ability to perform more than one part of a song's arrangement at the same time such as the bass line and melody line. Also all of a chord's tones can be easily played simultaneously (up to 5 notes) instead of strummed. The fingers allow for subtle tone differences and muting opportunities when compared to a pick.





Use these diagrams to learn how which fingers to use when finger picking