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Classical Right Hand pt 2 - Finger Strength

In this lesson, I’m including a few more exercises to further develop your finger independence and agility.

After Practicing Lesson 1 and feeling more comfortable with your right hand you want to move this lesson.

I'm assuming at this point your technique is relaxed and you're able to play the three exercised in Lesson 1 with minimal effort and relative ease.

In this lesson, I'm including a few more exercises to further develop your finger independence and agility.

I'm also going to focus a bit on moving your thumb to different strings and applying dynamics.

You'll find as you play through a piece of music that you may need to position your thumb and/or fingers on any set of string groupings depending on the phrase that you're executing.

You also need to apply dynamics to your playing to make your phrasing more expressive and musical.

Ex 1

Ex 2

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Little Finger

I'm trying out the exercises and the results are encouraging. But my little finger seems to stick out instead of bending with the other fingers. What am I doing wrong? Will it affect my speed or technique in the future?

Re: Little Finger

The little finger can be hard to control, but with a little practice, you will have it dancing to your tune.

A good exercise would be to move your ring and little fingers together. This way, the little finger will remain in a relaxed state close to its natural curved shape, rather than sticking out and tensing up the entire hand.

Practice daily and you'll only get better. Happy plucking! :)