Texas Blues Guitar

Learn to Play Like Stevie Ray Vaughan

Texas Blues Guitar is a simple 2 Step System for learning to improvise and play in the legendary Texas Blues soloing style of Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Step 1 – Learn each Lick with Tablature and video

Step 2 – Play the 2 bar licks I organized for you over the 12 bar blues. Mix and match them any way you like, they’ll sound great every time!

With this package you get the e-book as well as instant access to the 58 supporting lessons and videos.

You’ll Also Learn…

  • The most important blues soloing techniques - such as bends,slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs
  • Which notes to bend and why
  • Texas Flood by SRV broken down step-by-step into 40 individual licks
  • How to arrange these licks into 2 bar sections that work perfectly over the 12 bar blues form
  • and more…
This group is available for purchase. Access to this group costs $19.95.

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