Pro Package - Early Bird Part 1


The overall structure of the G-L site is being revamped to the level of a complete social enterprise platform. While the functionality and features will be more powerful, the interface will be simplified and easier to use.

Our new interface will make it easier for instructors to reach their audiences and participate in a like-minded community. We are also focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase visibility and associations for G-L and its members.

G-L is also changing its business model to a modest fee-for-service approach, providing significant value for high-level services that would be prohibitively expensive for individual instructors.

During the development period (approximately 4 months) I'm looking for 12 or more instructors who are willing to commit to an early-bird $250 membership fee and to provide material and feedback to make the site as engaging as possible.

The $250 investment ($100 up front, $150 when the beta is ready) will grant you a 2-year Pro membership on the site, and I will provide the following:

  • A profile on the site that brands you and highlights both your on site content AND your offsite (existing online presence including Facebook, Twitter, website, skype lessons, youtube channel).
  • All on site activity will lead to your profile.
    • (Most or all) onsite activity will be promoted internally and externally on our Facebook, Twitter and our newsletter.
    • Onsite activity can be easily shared by you AND visitors to Facebook, twitter, etc.
    • Content will be easy for you to create, and easy for users to interact with.
  • Content will be tagged and organized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)\
  • The site will allow for and encourage visitor engagement – we are looking to the development team to help identify and contribute topics and content that generate interest. The more active we all are, the better the chances for our mutual success.

Instructors who become early-bird members will provide working capital to refine the look and usability of the site, as well as become contributors who have a stake in its success. Are you interested in being one of those investors?

Price: $100.00
Name of a teacher group to which you buy access: