How to Use a Capo

Guitar Instructor, Steve Falter teaches you when and how to use a capo and has a free Chord Transposition Chart for you. For my FREE chart mentioned in the video, click [1] [1]

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Great lesson and good theory explanation. Any suggestions on good brand names for capos and how much a good one costs? I see them all over the map and I don't want to damage my guitar.

Thanks narsipur!

I appreciate your feedback. Two of the more popular, and reliable, capos are the Dunlop Trigger and the one made by Kyser. The Dunlop's grip projects towards you and the Kyser projects away from you. Try both and see which works best for you. They both sell for about $12 - $15 US and are very reliable. Stick with the brand name capos and stay away from the knock-offs that sell for a lot less.You'll be glad you did!