How to Maintain Your Guitar - Part 1

Performer and Guitar Teacher Steve Falter speaks with Luthier Peter Taylor of Chellee Guitars about common maintenance and repair issues for guitars. *Part 1 – Intro, Set up, Frets* Part 2 – Strings, Cleaning, Electronics, Routine Maintenance Tips, Tuning Issues, Shipping Your Guitar Part 3 – Typical Repairs, Modifications, Recovering a Stolen Guitar . Peter can reached through his web site at *Chellee Guitars [1]*.  [1]

So you own a guitar and you notice the sound has changed or you hear some "buzzing" when you play. Maybe It just doesn't feel the same when you fret your strings or your electronics are making a strange noise (or no sound at all)! What's up with that?


Great Interview

Hi, Steve.

That was an insightful interview with Peter! Thanks!