The history of it all (well maybe a little bit of it).

1. As I move further into creating a blues course for guitar-learning, which is adhoc and even though I try to escape it's binds, I can't until I'm set free by the spirits who control this world of music.

I thought a cursory 12 bar pattern, a pentatonic and that's that, but hold on, the Blues are responsible for far more in our culture than that.

They started out of course as African 5-6 note scales and used in a call and response, from chants and songs which were used in the fields when working as slaves or share-croppers.

Then chords were added to it for guitar in a 12- bar repetitive form and piano as well. An 8 bar variation as neatly fashioned closely thereafter.

So, the form of the blues patterns in 12 bar could then be slow or standard change or quick change the rest oftheform is the same let me illustrate.

Standard or slow change :

( : I ) I ) I ) I ) IV ) IV ) I ) I ) V ) IV ( I ) V ):

Quick Change:

i. :( I ) IV ) I ) I ) V ) IV ) I ) V ):

Try these two out and see how they feel and in the keys of A it would be---A D E key of E E A B