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Based in Bangkok, Thailand Erik plays guitar with a local band and is also focusing on music composition.  He...

Exploring Charango Music

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The charango family of instruments are well loved and known in South America. However the sound may be a bit more exotic to people not from that continent. It is, in fact a decedent of the lute family and one that has made a remarkable journey over the past several hundred years.


However this is not so much a historical article as it is one that looks at where the charango is now. While this beautiful instrument is often associated with Andean music, it is slowly being picked up by curious musicians the world over. As it does, it influences a wide range of music. Here we will provide a number of links and comments that will open the possibilities up for those of you curious about this lovely instrument.


Perhaps more than anything else, this exercise will also demonstrate that unlike the guitar, which has been applied to virtually every musical form imaginable, the charango is at the beginning of this journey. This means if you are a musician, exciting possibilities remain for exploring how this instrument can be applied to a wide range of musical styles