Buying an Electric Guitar (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)

  Buying a guitar can be a daunting experience, whether you are just getting started and don’t know how to play yet or if you are an experienced player. The choices are overwhelming. Brands, models, features, looks, sound, prices….     In this video, I interview my Luthier and Custom Guitar Builder Peter Taylor, of Chellee Guitars. He will show, you what you need to know to make a good decision whether you are a new or an experienced player. This video primarily covers Electric Guitars. In Part 1, we cover the basics and Acoustic Guitars. Peter can reached through his web site at *Chellee Guitars [1]*.    [1]

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Like this video

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Thanks for your video.


One question?

I want to know that what are the differences between acoustic and electro acoustic and what to see while buying an electro acoustic guitar.

I like the candid approach in

I like the candid approach in this video, the two guys do well to explain and provide some very helpful information. I think an electric guitar is a bit easier for a beginner to start playing simply for the fact that it's less tough on your fingers, but then there's the extra costs involved like getting an amp, leads (good quality) plus extras like guitar pedals and more.

Anyway, thanks for sharing the video!

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For All Guitarist

Love your guitar because this is only one the best instrument in the music and you can make all music with guitar .. ia am a guitar lover and also this is my passion ...



Nice guitar

I am also a great fan of electric guitar. Its a wonderful guitar. Well i must say that in first use the shape of the guitar does not matter. It totally depends on you that how you pick it and use it. More information.

RE: Shape of the Body of the Guitar

Hey, AR.

That's a good question. But as far as I'm aware, the shape of an electric guitar doesn't really affect the tone produced or the playing style. Tone is influenced by the strings, pickups, hardware, cables, amps, and to a subtler extent, the type of wood used to make the body.

The shape of the guitar you choose is completely up to you. Feel free to pick something that appeals to you, and would continue to inspire you to keep playing.

Happy guitaring!

Shape of the Body of the Guitar

Hi, Steve and Peter.

I had a question about which shape of the body should a beginner choose. There are some which have curves, and others with straight sides. What are the pros and cons of different shapes and do they affect playing style?



Sorry I didn't see your post until now

Guitar_Fan is exactly right. It's more about what is comfortable for you to play.



Thanks, Guitar_Fan and Steve. I appreciate it. :)