Blues and Jazz Guitar just for the Punk of it.

Welcome to the  old spiders web if you found this.....   as we Guitar Players all know the path to where we hope get to is an arduous one, filled with lot's of obstacles, some musical, many physical, more even financial and then there is Father Time slowly ticking away, cosistently monitoring if you practiced or didn't, offering the hot new musical styles and techniques that we have to stop on a dime and master the nuances of and before we realize it we are probably going to be too old for anyway. 

If this sounds jaded it isn't, it is reality. but there is an alternate reality, one where we create our own rules, our own set of patterns and sounds that work in any setting. 

For this Alternate Reality to work viably we must first have a fewskills on the instrument beginning to  become established or "get under your fingers".

In the lessons I teach we will be trying to incorporate this approach with Popular music such as, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Country, Heavy Metal, Punk, Fusion. I leave Classical out due too the little imprvisation inthe music but some Noveau Classical does things that are truly earth shakingly mind blowing in an improvisational setting.

So as the Premier edtion of this Blog there you have it, Iwill try to keep up a regular account of happenings at the guitar ranch here in Noble Music Live, and anything you all would desire, just ask..