Just starting to pick up the instrument

Fundamentals/Lesson four (Enharmonics)

In this lesson we are going to talk about enharmonics! An enharmonic is one note that has two different names. What the heck am I talking about you may be asking? Don't worry I'll explain this all for you!

Up until now now we have learned what the natural notes are. All of these sets of natural notes have whole steps between them except for what two sets? Correct B to C and E to F. What are those notes in the frets between? These are enharmonics!


Fundamentals/Lesson three (Notes on the E string)

Now it's time to dig in and really get to work! In this lesson we are going to learn the natural notes on the low E string. If you are familiar with power chords then take the notes you are learning within each lesson and experiment with creating some progression based on these notes.

So let's get started!

Fundamentals/Lesson two ( Names of open strings)

Let's now move onto learning the musical alphabet and the names of the open strings. This is the first step into the journey of complete mastery of the fretboard. We need to have the ability to quickly find any note on the neck in order to reach the level of musicianship it takes to acheive this goal.

In these lessons we will slowly build upon what was learned in the previous lesson and slowly, step by step we will continue until you are able to find any note on the neck almost instantly.

Let’s start by learning the musical alphabet!

Fundamentals/Lesson one (Parts of the guitar)

Welcome to Fundamentals!

This series of lessons is meant to suppliment whatever else you are studying. As you work on your main focus of study take one of the lessons and dedicate about 5-10 minutes working through the lesson. Not bad huh?

The Musical Alphabet & Ukulele String Names

In the second installment of this series, I will explain the Musical Alphabet and the open string names on the ukulele. It is imperative to know the names of the notes in order to understand how to combine them into melodies and chords. In order to learn the names of the notes the Musical Alphabet should be introduced or reviewed.

The following is an excerpt from my guitar method Six Straight Lines.

The Musical Alphabet

Guitar Lesson Tips – Two Forms to Help You Learn

Here are two forms I use to help my students practice, learn and improve.

The first form is a Lesson Plan form that I created. It’s just a simple table with four rows and four columns as follows

Rows (top to bottom) – Goals, Worked On, Homework, Notes
Columns (L-R) – Songs, Technique, Chords, Theory

Guitar Lesson Tips – My Recommended Practice Routine

Do you want to become a better guitar player? Of course you do, why else would you be reading this?

I’m going to share my best advice with you. Time tested and proven to work. It’s so simple that you’ll have a “Wow, I could’ve had a V-8” moment. Yet many instructors don’t teach it and many students don’t do it. It’s so effective, and critical, that I’m willing to give it to you for FREE!

Transitioning from guitar to ukulele

A few thoughts on the transition from guitar to ukulele, from a professional guitarist of over 30 years.

On a family trip to Honolulu, Hawaii last summer I was asked many times if I was going to buy a ukulele. My answer was always something like, "No. I'm not going to waste money on a toy," and I went on my merry way without much more thought.

Chords in the Key of C

I can be hard for beginners to understand when and why to use Major or Minor chords at different times. This lessons aims to shed light on that and explain which chords FIT in the key of C and why.

Basic Stuff you Really Need to Know

As the name here suggests, this is where we kick it all off and get started on the guitar. This is a lesson for the complete novice who would like to get going on the intrument and get a handle on how to do things and have a good jump off point from which we dive head first into the wonderful world of the guitar.  Here we learn the names of the strings, fret positions, and 1st position fingering for the treble half of the guitar.