Lesson 4 - Developing Patterns for Chords

Here is where we delve much deeper into how to form chords from the C scale that we've learned. We learn 8 varieties of the C chord and place them into a numerical pattern that helps us to pick and choose the variation of the C major chord that we need to form chord-melodies.

Lesson 3 - Chords from Scales

Learning how to form chords from the scales is an essential part of knowing how things work on the guitar. Let's face it, scales are an all important part of how music is contructed, and understanding how to make chords and why they are built the way they are gives us an edge in playing ANY song that we would like to play. In this lesson we learn the principle behing chord contruction and how to get the elements that are needed to do this. This is the first 1st of a section of the 3 major chord groups that we will tackle, that is Major, Minor, and Dominant chords.

Lesson 2 - First Position Fingering

This is where we learn some of the building blocks that give us a solid basis for learning this incredible instrument. The fingering that we learn in what we call 1st position are all "natural" notes, meaning that we are not dealing with altering the notes in any way yet. We will get to that in due time.

Basic Stuff you Really Need to Know

As the name here suggests, this is where we kick it all off and get started on the guitar. This is a lesson for the complete novice who would like to get going on the intrument and get a handle on how to do things and have a good jump off point from which we dive head first into the wonderful world of the guitar.  Here we learn the names of the strings, fret positions, and 1st position fingering for the treble half of the guitar.

Video of Bruce Noble teaching Pentatonic pattern in 5th position.

This video shows cleary the A minor pattern and also the C Major relative Key. It is very important to get this shape under your fingers as much as possible for Rock Bluesand all styles of music.

Video of Bruce Noble CAGED A position 2nd fret and Harmonised Scale

Bruce shows warm up and moves into A barre on 2nd fret while playing scale in that position without moving out of zone. The chords in the key follow in the   following   pattern.

Video of Beginning the chords in a scale in C lesson 2 numbering system

C Major Scale in chords or The Harmonised Scale and progression.         /:    I  /   I     /  Vi   /   Vi      /   IV   /   IV      /  V    /   V : /         C                  am                       F                 G                     G

Fretting Hand Exercise #2 - Beginner+ - Intermediate

In this 3 1/2 minute video, Guitar Teacher Steve Falter takes Fretting Hand Exercise #1 to the next level by bringing your 4th finger (pinky) into play. This will prepare you to learn scales, which is the foundation of learning to play lead solos.  

Fretting Hand Exercise #1

  In this 3 1/2 minute video, Guitar Teacher Steve Falter teaches you an exercise that will increase your finger strength, muscle memory, left-right hand coordination, accuracy and speed.  

Minor ronroco chords

We continue the chords lesson with minor chords. Knowing these chords will build a good foundation for playing a wide range of songs.  Play the minor chords, individually, then practice playing the following sequence of chords - A, B, C, D, E, F, G.