12 Bar Slide Basics #1

 This is a basic 12 bar song to get you started with slide guitar. Play along with the video and the Tablature to get started.


Slide Guitar Primer

This lesson will introduce you all elements of playing slide guitar, including styles, components and tunings. Famous Slide Guitar players are also introduced.

Musical Beat & Tempo

All music has a pulse.

We usually call it the beat, and it is what keeps a piece of music moving along and allows musicians to play together.

Tuplets & Triplets

In order to notate rhythms that would otherwise be impossible according to the time signature, any beat can be broken up into groupings called Tuplets.

Guitar Exercises – Permutations 4

In this final lesson in the series we’ll look at three note permutations and an interesting way to practice them.

Because these groupings only contain three notes they result in just 6 possible permutations as you can see below.

Guitar Exercises – Permutations 3

In this lesson well start to explore three note groupings and exercises. They say three is the magic number, and I’d have to agree. I love the sound created when an odd rhythm (triplet) is played over an even rhythm (a 4/4 time signature). It produces a rhythmic tension which adds excitement to the music.

Guitar Exercises – Permutations 2

Below you can see all 24 possible permutations of the four notes. Practicing these will challenge both your fingers and your mind as you try to navigate your way through all the different groupings.

Guitar Exercises – Permutations 1

Guitar permutations are simply exercises designed to build dexterity and cooperation between the hands. I’ve often thought of them as tongue twisters for the fingers.

Guitar Exercises - Finger Streches

As we continue our series on guitar exercises we’re going to take a look at ways to increase the flexability of your fingers using stretches!

The Blues Progression

The 12-bar blues may be the most popular chord progression there is.

It is named after the number of bars in the progression and not the number of local bars it has been played in which far exceeds twelve.