Jazz Guitar Chord Licks #2 - Double Stops

In today’s Jazz Guitar Chord Lick lesson, we’ll be checking out a double-stop organ-style phrase that brings to mind the chord solos of players such as Jimmy Smith, George Benson and other organ trio masters.

Jazz Guitar Chord Licks #1 - G Major 2 5 1

In today’s jazz guitar chord lick lesson, we’ll be taking a look at a ii V I chord lick in the key of G major that uses different Drop 2, rootless and 3rd and 7th voicings to harmonize a fun and easy to play melody line.

Video Lesson: Every Rose has its Thorn Solos

In today's post I'd like to mix things up and share a video lesson with you that I created in 2008 for the solos from "Every Rose has its Thorn" from Poison. It's not perfect but I hope that you like it.

Sweep Arpeggio Exercise

Here is an exercise that focuses on two main concepts:  Arpeggios and Sweep Picking.

An arpeggio can basically be thought of as a chord with it's respective notes played separately as opposed to all at once.   So, instead of strumming the notes together, each note is sounded individually.