Video Lesson: 4 Ways to Play G to C

The G major to C major progression is one the most popular in all of music. It has the strong feeling of resolution you get when a chord built off of the 5th degree of the scale (dominant function) moves to a chord built off of the Root note of the scale (tonic function).

Video Lesson: Iron Man - Beginner Guitar Tab Reading

One of the best things about guitar is the ability to easily use guitar tablature (TAB) to quickly learn songs and licks.

Video Lesson: The Back & Forth Pentatonic

This is a simple pattern that lets you explore the 3 note per string pentatonic patterns horizontally on one string using hammer-ons and pull-offs. To me it sounds like something that Dimebag or Zakk would play if they were lucky enough to be as uncool as I am.