Major Scales

Fundamentals/Lesson five (The Major Scale)

In this lesson we will be going over the major scale sequence. This is a specific sequence of whole and half steps which form the major scale. This is the mother of all scales! Everything you will learn in music will be built from this scale. For this reason I think this would be a pretty important thing to learn. So let’s get started!

Lesson 3 - Chords from Scales

Learning how to form chords from the scales is an essential part of knowing how things work on the guitar. Let's face it, scales are an all important part of how music is contructed, and understanding how to make chords and why they are built the way they are gives us an edge in playing ANY song that we would like to play. In this lesson we learn the principle behing chord contruction and how to get the elements that are needed to do this. This is the first 1st of a section of the 3 major chord groups that we will tackle, that is Major, Minor, and Dominant chords.