guitar basics

Fundamentals/Lesson two ( Names of open strings)

Let's now move onto learning the musical alphabet and the names of the open strings. This is the first step into the journey of complete mastery of the fretboard. We need to have the ability to quickly find any note on the neck in order to reach the level of musicianship it takes to acheive this goal.

In these lessons we will slowly build upon what was learned in the previous lesson and slowly, step by step we will continue until you are able to find any note on the neck almost instantly.

Let’s start by learning the musical alphabet!

Fundamentals/Lesson one (Parts of the guitar)

Welcome to Fundamentals!

This series of lessons is meant to suppliment whatever else you are studying. As you work on your main focus of study take one of the lessons and dedicate about 5-10 minutes working through the lesson. Not bad huh?