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Guitar Lesson Tips – Two Forms to Help You Learn

Here are two forms I use to help my students practice, learn and improve.

The first form is a Lesson Plan form that I created. It’s just a simple table with four rows and four columns as follows

Rows (top to bottom) – Goals, Worked On, Homework, Notes
Columns (L-R) – Songs, Technique, Chords, Theory

Free Lesson – How To Tune Out Distractions

Live Performance Techniques – Tuning Out Distractions

 I teach Live Performance Techniques to musicians who want to move from the comfort of their living room to performing on a public stage. For many, being in the spotlight does not come naturally so getting comfortable on stage and tuning out distractions is just as important as knowing how to set up and use your equipment.

Guitar Lesson Tips – My Recommended Practice Routine

Do you want to become a better guitar player? Of course you do, why else would you be reading this?

I’m going to share my best advice with you. Time tested and proven to work. It’s so simple that you’ll have a “Wow, I could’ve had a V-8” moment. Yet many instructors don’t teach it and many students don’t do it. It’s so effective, and critical, that I’m willing to give it to you for FREE!