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Blues and Jazz Guitar just for the Punk of it.

Welcome to the  old spiders web if you found this.....   as we Guitar Players all know the path to where we hope get to is an arduous one, filled with lot's of obstacles, some musical, many physical, more even financial and then there is Father Time slowly ticking away, cosistently monitoring if you practiced or didn't, offering the hot new musical styles and techniques that we have to stop on a dime and master the nuances of and before we realize it we are probably going to be too old for anyway. 

Practice makes Perfect! or Bust your chops trying!

As players know, and I speak from experience, you can't "get your chops" together if you don't "woodshed".  Now a couple off those terms may be foreign now to you but if you stick with music in any way, shape or form you're going to hear and undoubtably use them.

Let me quickly explain what they mean then move on --- "get your chops"  comes from the old blues and jazz era as wind and brass musicians would comment on the need to get their lips, and mouth -  the "chops" in common parlance - in shape for a gig.  

The Art of Practice and Progession

In the last blog  I spoke a bit about chops, abilities you develop to play, or write, whatever you undertake really. The key is scheduling and timed intervals.

So here is just a short plan for some keeners out there not a heavy work load by any stretch of the imagination.

Take a 30 min daily routine, if you were practicing 3 things like:     scales-10 min.  Chords-10min. and Song-10 there is a good regime the key is timing. We at the Musicians Institue in Hollywood would do this but on a bit different scale, pardon the pun.

To read or not to read that is the question?

In the thousands of students I've taught over the years I can report that sight-reading has never been a top priority for the majority of guitarists. I have seen many start with a keen interest only to lose it in just a very short time. I believe a few reasons that are key to guitarists failure but maybe overcome if the desire to sight- read for the right reason.

The Blues

The blues is a great style for we guitar players to begin playing as it is a readily accesible style on popular media and it is relatively easy to gett under your fingers.  The Blues as indigenous music in the Southern States for the early Black musicians like The King of the Delta Blues himself Robert Johnson and the fabulous players like Muddy Waters . As the Modern players evolved with  the electric guitar we really see the emergence of three influential forces of blues nature, Freddie King, Albert King and B.B.King  they changed music in ways we could not fathom.

The history of it all (well maybe a little bit of it).

1. As I move further into creating a blues course for guitar-learning, which is adhoc and even though I try to escape it's binds, I can't until I'm set free by the spirits who control this world of music.

I thought a cursory 12 bar pattern, a pentatonic and that's that, but hold on, the Blues are responsible for far more in our culture than that.

They started out of course as African 5-6 note scales and used in a call and response, from chants and songs which were used in the fields when working as slaves or share-croppers.