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The Sufi Fusion – Another Dimension to Fusion

Sufi fusion musician - Rabbi Shergill
Rabbi Shergill

Sufi music is the devotional music of the Sufis who are inspired by the works of Sufi poets. "Qawwali" is the most well known form of Sufi music and is mostly common in the urban parts of India. However it has entered into the mainstream music industry in the recent past.

A Mélange between Indian Classical and Western Music

India folk instrument - Satvik Veena
Satvik Veena

Music in India is vast and comprises multiple varieties of folk music, pop, and Indian classical music. The recent past has witnessed a lot of fusion music being churned out by fusing various genres of Indian music with various genres of Western music. And... I am lucky to be part of fusion music.

Indian Classical Music vs Western Classical Music – The Classical Story

India folk instrument - Sarod

Indian Classical Music is all about ragas. A raga portrays a mood, a sentiment, expressed through a microtonal scale. There are a number of ragas, each with its own mood and its own corresponding microtonal scale that is based on the natural harmonic series - the natural law of vibrations.

Indian Folk Fusion Music

India folk instrument - Saringda

India being a land of cultural diversities, every region has its own form of folk music. Today, this rich tradition of folk music is not only alive in rural India, but also in some of the metro cities, and thankfully I live in one such metro city and am proud to be a part of a Folk Fusion Band.